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How to make Moscow Mule Cocktail?

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Cocktails continue to be a special mention for any party or even if we want to treat ourselves. But our busy schedule does not let us invest much time on making dishes which have taste and fun separately. So to fit into our day to day routine, we merged the concept of fun and taste into one. We thought of experimenting this idea of making a cocktail with a homemade touch. So just for a change from the regular food habits, we can try this Moscow Mule Cocktail. The main interesting part about the Moscow Mule Cocktail is the blender of taste it contains. Through the ingredients are strong and all of them have a separate strong taste but when they merge in the Moscow Mule Cocktail, the tastes separates and can be enjoyed separately. Serve the Moscow Mule Cocktail chilled and let your party get your set of drinks.


  1. 60mL Vodka –
  2. Ginger Beer – 15mL
  3. Fresh Lime Juice


Add vodka in a copper mule mug.

Fill your copper mule mug with ice.

top with ginger beer.

squeeze in the lime juice.

Stir it a bit.

Garnish with the spent lime wedges.

With the hope for a successful experiment, we need the food talk here and wish for some memorable memories of our readers with this new homemade Moscow Mule Cocktail. Serve the Moscow Mule Cocktail to your friends and family in the parties and let them get your own homemade taste of drinks. Along with the meals, the drinks will surely make your parties memorable and the experience of making the Moscow Mule Cocktail will surely be fun for you. Do let us know about the reviews and any kind of suggestions regarding the experimented dishes will always be welcomed. Wait until we bring with us some more fun facts about food and new dishes to embrace your kitchen with.


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