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How to make Moong Dal Chilla with stuffing?

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Want to try something different for breakfast then this is what exactly what you are looking for. Moong dal chilla crispy will be a healthy start to your day. This dish is light and easy to digest and gives you a bunch of nutritional values just at the beginning of the day. This is how you make them:


  1. Moong dal-1 cup (180 g) soaked
  2. Paneer-100g
  3. capsicum- 1/2 cup chopped
  4. Baby corn- 1/2 cup chopped
  5. carrot- 1/2 cup chopped
  6. coriander leaves- 3-4 tbsp chopped
  7. salt- as per taste
  8. ginger paste-1.5 tbs
  9. green chilli-1 chopped
  10. oil- 3-4 tbs


In a blender take soaked dal, add green chilli, ginger paste, salt, and water. now coarsely ground the dal.

Transfer it in a bowl and add some water and mix it. the consistency of the batter should be the same as dosa batter.

To make stuffing, heat oil in a pan.

Then add ginger paste and green chilli, fry it for a while and then add carrot and baby corn, fry it for a minute.

After 1 minute add capsicum and salt, stir and fry for another 1 minute. our veggie should be crunchy.

Remove it in a plate add coriander leaves and grated paneer.


Mix it well. the stuffing is ready.

Add some coriander leaves in the chilla batter and mix it. heat a pan on the gas and apply some oil.

Take a spoonful of batter and spread it evenly on the pan.

Put some oil on it and cook till golden brown.

Turn and cook the other side too.

Chilla is cooked both sides now.

Put stuffing in the middle of the chilla.

Fold it from both sides and remove.

Our moong dal stuffing chilla is ready.


  • The batter should not be too thick nor too thin.
  • You can make chilla as per your desired size big or small.
  • You can skip green chilli if you don’t like spicy.
  • You can use veggies of your choice.

Finally, we say that moong dal chilla crispy will give you a break from your regular breakfast diet. We promise to bring you more such interesting ways to make your stomach happy. Until then enjoy your meals with nutrition and taste.

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