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Brownie Recipe

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Everyone is a fan of brownies. No matter whether its parties or some get together the very common snack that finds its place irrespective of any festive occasion is brownies. Fun doubles when we actually make them and then serve them in the parties with our own blend of flavours and taste. So don’t rely on bakeries when you can easily make better brownies and serve them in just few steps. All you need to is spare a few time and observe the detailed steps carefully and in no time there will be brownies recipe ready just to be served to your friends and family. So here are the steps to make brownies:


  1. 140g: Chopped Dark Chocolate
  2. 57gm / ¼ cup : Butter
  3. 80g / ¼ cup: Condensed milk
  4. 125ml / 1/2 cup : Milk
  5. 65g / 1/2 cup: Powdered Sugar
  6. 95g / ¾ cup – Flour
  7. 25g / 5 tbsp : Cocoa powder
  8. 1/4 tsp Baking powder


In a saucepan, add a little water and let it heat up.

As the water starts boiling, place in another bowl on top of it and add 140 gm of dark chocolate.

And some butter. Gently melt the chocolate and butter mixture.

Once melted completely, keep it aside for a few minutes to cool down.

In the meanwhile, heat up the cooker, by adding the salt. Place a wire stand on top of the salt and a perforated plate above the stand. Cover the cooker by removing the gasket and the whistle. Heat the cooker on medium-high for about 10-15 minutes.

As the chocolate batter as cooled little, add the cocoa powder.

Add condensed milk followed by milk and mix it well.

Finally, add the powdered sugar and maida (plain flour) to the mix. And, a little bit of baking powder.

Mix it really well by using the folding technique.

As the batter is ready, add it to a 13 cm square cake tin covered with parchment paper. Sprinkle some walnuts on top (totally optional though).

Bake these by placing it on the heated cooker. It shall take about 25- 30 minutes in medium flame.

After 25- 30 minutes remove it from the cooker.

Let them cool completely and serve.

Important tips:

Fudgier: To make this brownie fudgier, you can reduce the flour to ½ cup. You can skip the baking powder also, doing these will increase the baking time to about 35-40 mins.

Cakier: You can increase the baking powder to ½ tsp to make it cakier & lighter.

Got the perfect partner of food for the parties and gatherings. Enjoy your own easy brownies.

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