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How To Make Sangria?

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    20 Mins
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    55 Mins
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Parties can get better when you serve the guests with homemade cocktails. One such famous cocktail is Sangri. This cocktail finds it’s origin in Spain and Portugal. The original version includes wine, chopped fruits, and sweetening flavours. However, the cocktail tastes even better when added own tastes and flavours. So here we bring t you the details steps of creating this cocktail at home.


  1. Bottle of Red Wine 750ml
  2. 1 peach chopped
  3. 1 apple chopped
  4. Cointreau 1 shot
  5. Icing Sugar 3-4 tbsp
  6. Club soda 1 bottle (300-600 ml)


Take the chilled red wine in a bowl.


Then add chopped apple, peach, and a shot of Cointreau.


Add the icing sugar and give it a slight stir.


Add the chilled club soda to the wine.


And it is ready to be served.


So the next time we host a party we can be pretty much sure of the drinks to be served in it. See you all next time with some other delicious recipes.

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