Health is a major issue these days. And when it comes to food the nutritional value is a major factor to look into. However, there is a misconception that diets cannot be liked by your tastebuds. Give yourself a healthy meal with homemade steak and avocado salad recipe. This steak and avocado salad recipe is a no doubt a justified dish for your diet days but at the same time, you will not be deprived of taste. Here are the steps to make a perfect steak and avocado salad recipe at your home and enjoy your diet days with home made steak and avocado salad recipes.


  1. sirloin steak
  2. 3 boiled eggs
  3. 2 avocado
  4. Caesar dressing
  5. cherry tomatoes
  6. salt
  7. pepper
  8. romaine


Take sirloin steak, sprinkle salt and pepper.

Heat oil in a pan cook both sides 2 minutes. and remove it.

Let it rest for 10 minutes. then slice it.

Take romaine in a bowl.

Add boiled and chopped egg, avocado.

Add cherry tomatoes, sliced sirloin and caesar dressing.

Mix it well till all combine.

Remove it in a serving bowl.

I believe that you will love this recipe so do try this easy and simple recipe at home and enjoy with your friend and family. The steak and Avacado Salad will be a perfect compliment for your meals.