Cocktails continue to be a special mention for any party or even if we want to treat ourselves. But our busy schedule does not let us invest much time on making dishes which have taste and nutrition separately. So to fit into our day to day routine, we merged the concept of nutrition and taste into one. We thought of experimenting this idea of making a cocktail with something nutritious. And why not a tomato? So just for a change from the regular food habits, we can try this bloody mary cocktail. The main interesting part about the bloody mary cocktail is the blender of taste it contains. Through the ingredients are strong and all of them have a separate strong taste but when they merge in the bloody mary cocktail, the tastes separates and can be enjoyed separately. Serve the bloody mary cocktail chilled and let your party get your set of drinks.


  1. hot sauce
  2. black pepper
  3. sauce
  4. salt
  5. radish
  6. vodka
  7. tomato juice
  8. ice cubes
  9. celery
  10. lemon juice


In a glass add hot sauce.

Add black pepper, sauce, salt, grated radish.

Then add vodka.

And finally, add tomato juice.

Add ice cubes. and mix it.

Garnish with lemon and celery.

So the next time there’s a party we no longer have to depend on any ordered cocktails. What can be better than self-made and served Bloody Mary cocktails. Just in few easy steps, we can give our parties our own touch of soft drinks in the form of Bloody Mary Cocktails. Until we arrive up with some more attractive, just enjoy your own chilled Bloody Mary cocktails with your friends and family in the parties and get-togethers. Share your reviews about the Bloody Mary Cocktail and any suggestions regarding the improvement of the dish will be welcomed.